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Welcome to Safely Home Canine Rescue, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization!  Our mission is to save dogs from homeless situations, coordinate efforts with other organizations to further our cause,  educate others on the benefits of spaying and neutering and provide a loving home for each and every dog.  Your kind and generous donations will enable us to rescue and rehome dozens of dogs each year.  Please consider donating today!

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 July 4 puppies

To the top are some of the puppies and dogs we have saved. Many are retriever mixes or shepherd mixes,

however it is impossible to know what type will be next.

          Many of the dogs have been one year old or less and sadly that reflects a problem of people getting a puppy and when they

are no longer 'cute' or the newness has worn off, they become neglected.

          All of the dogs and puppies you see on our website are those who have been rescued by Safely Home Canine Rescue.

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