About Our Dogs

Our dogs have come from homeless situations including being stray or contained by a wire cage with little protection from the elements in rural southern Illinois. The story began with our own little Daisy Mae, a beautiful little cocker spaniel who was abandoned on a roadside covered in ticks.  She made her way to the Ciarlette's  in January, 2009 where she learned how to live in a home setting with no special training. Shortly thereafter Katy came almost knocking on our door. She is a butterscotch-brindle pitbull who was only 10 weeks old at that time.

Katy was found in February, 2009 by Joe and Angie in a creek under a gravel road in Elizabethtown, Il. She was young, scared, and absolutely gorgeous. She was brought home and fostered until a wonderful couple found out about her, adopted her and renamed her Phoebe.  She has grown into a beautiful and wonderful dog and currently shares a home with other cats and foster dogs from time to time.

Jake, a little black lab mix, was found wandering the streets in early 2010 in a small town in southern Illinois near the Ohio River. He was a friendly guy and when approached just rolled over on his back just begging for a belly rub. For sure this is how Jake made his living. An old man approached Joe and Angie and said that some kids let the dog out of the pound and you could have him. Well, we knew we would take Jake and we went into a store to get some treats for him for the ride back to the house. And that’s when the clerk told us where this ‘pound’ was. Sadly, the town commissioners have prevented us from assisting anymore however, we are working with other animal control departments in the same general area.

Jake was adopted soon after!

Along with the pound, there are also stray dogs in need of rescue. At the bottom of this page, you can see Jackie and Sandie, now Sadie, who were found severely underweight, tick-infested and full of worms (but heartworm free!!).  They are what the vet described to us as squirrel dogs that people use for hunting in the south and they appear to have Labrador Retriever foundation in them. Jackie stood by the side of the road when cars would drive by as if to ask for help.  Luckily for them, 2011 was a year for cicadas in Hardin County and it was apparent that was what they were living on. Jackie seemed to be the responsible sister as Sadie was very shy and not as malnourished as Jackie. The two have been adopted together and are living comfortably with another dog in a loving home. More pictures of Jackie and Sadie and other dogs are in the Album.


The initial care of each dog consists of an immediate flea and tick bath, a trip to the vet for a fecal exam, heartworm test, rabies, distemper (DHPP or DHLPP), bordatella, and neuter. If the dog cannot be scheduled for neuter in southern Illinois before being transported, the surgery is scheduled with one of the vets in the Will County area. Under no circumstance is any dog placed with another rescue group or adopted without being neutered.  Every dog is placed on heartworm preventive and treated for worms as prescribed by the vet, and each receives a topical flea and tick treatment.  Any other needed treatment is also handled at this time such as retained baby teeth, dental work, hernia repair, etc.  Every one of our dogs goes home with a collar and a St. Francis pet medallion.

Finally, many of these dogs are scared or have never had a collar or leash and some have had no apparent human handling. They are resilient though, and it is just amazing to see the transformation of these dogs, but it does take time, sometimes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months.  Each dog is unique and at the time of fostering or adopting the individual care will be discussed in more detail.

We do not take owner turn-ins, there are other organizations that do. Refer to the links page for contact information or perform a Google search of other organizations. The links are provided do not suggest that particular group can fit your specific need, not all are able to and you must conduct the research yourself.

We are committed to finding homes for dogs that are in homeless situations who need to experience what home life and love is all about.