At Safely Home Canine Rescue, our vision is:  A loving home for every dog; an educated person in every home about you.

Safely Home Canine Rescue was founded in November 2011 by Joe and Angie Ciarlette.

They began rescuing stray dogs and those in an outdoor enclosure with little protection in southern Illinois in early 2009. Deciding there had to be a way They wanted to shorten the time these dogs were in the enclosure and rescue the strays in rural southern Illinois faster,  they got together with a friend they met while volunteering for a local humane society and another dear friend of theirs to form Safely Home Canine Rescue, Inc. By forming this group, Joe and Angie had a vision of building a volunteer base that would be mobilized to further their cause and bring education to others in a broad-based fashion, as well as coordinate efforts with other rescue groups on adoptions and spay/neuter programs.

We are a 501(c)(3) public charity and are dedicated to placing homeless dogs into loving, permanent homes. 

Our group a foster-based rescue who’s primary focus is on the individual dog and the human - to find the best fit for both. Our volunteers are at the core of our operation and without them we would not thrive. If you want to learn more about Safely Home Canine Rescue, please contact us at shcr@safelyhomecaninerescue.org.  If you want to volunteer to be a part of this different and exciting group, forward the completed volunteer application to volunteer@safelyhomecaninerescue.org.